The Devil in the Details (2015)

The Devil in the Details (2015)

Fine-grained Enterprise Model Weaving

When building Enterprise Models, it is common to aggregate information from several partial models that describe a fragment of a domain of the enterprise. This integration is made by connecting elements from different domain models, and is usually a manual task, mainly for two reasons: 1) the criteria for connecting pairs of elements is mostly subjective and requires specialized domain knowledge, and 2) because an error may impact the coherency of the whole Enterprise Model. However, manual weaving is a difficult and tedious task, given its complexity and the limited support both from methodologies and tools alike. In this paper, we describe an approach for alleviating the burden on the modeler(s), and consists of connecting model elements by using adjacency matrices, and visualizing changes at the moment they are made, using interactive, coordinated visualizations of the model.

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(2015) Naranjo D., Sanchez M., Villalobos J.: "The Devil in the Details: Fine-Grained Enterprise Model Weaving". CAiSE Workshops, pp.233-244. EM 2015, 8-9 Jun. 2015. Stockholm, Sweden.