An interactive cartography of testimonials amidst the COVID pandemic

Link to the Experience - Use Google Chrome on a PC/Laptop

This is an interactive artwork, winner of the Grant Activation, Collaborative Networks and Territories for the Arts, a commission from IDARTES.

See also Contagio – A role-playing game with live action and visuals that we used for collecting stories and testimonials about the pandemic.

First Act

Looking above, the stars have a message for those willing to listen. Down below is the city, a network of information in constant flux. Suddenly, a state of alert, and the media breaks the news. Can you believe what they say?

Second Act

A synthetic eyeball scans a city under curfew. Restless in their home, everyone is overcome by surprise, loss, absurdity, and terror. Are you here to watch their stories unfold?

Third Act

Four walls demarcate their new lives, and there is a window to remind them that there is a world outside. Sounds acquire a different quality: The rhythm of their bodies, the rain outside. Let the sounds be part of their tales.